Beverly Carr, LCSW - Licensed Clinical Social Worker   Pet Loss Bereavment Counselor
Frequently Asked Questions
What kind of services do you provide?
~As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, I provide a variety of therapeutic services to children and their families.  In addition I am interested in working with young adults experiencing transition in their lives.  In the past my clients have ranged from age 4 to 74.
~I have recently been certified as a Pet Loss Bereavement Counselor by the Association of Pet Loss Bereavement (  I am now offering support to those who have lost their pet through death or disappearance.
But what does all that mean?
~If you, your child or family is struggling with any of the following, I can help:
ADHD - Anxiety or worry - Depression - Anger outbursts - Defiant behaviors - Grief or Loss due to death,separation or divorce or military deployment - Difficulty making and keeping friends - Low self esteem - Difficulties transitioning to another life event, such as starting school, moving onto high school or graduating high school or college.
I have never been to therapy before, what is it like?
~Therapy looks different to different people. If you bring in your 6 year old, there will be use of play therapy to help resolve issues.  If a 12 year old needs help with anger management, there will be a combination of individual sessions with the child and family sessions with the child and parent.  Adults typically attend alone or with their partner, when needed.  Each session is 45 minutes.
How much does it cost?  Do you take my insurance?
~The fee for an initial session is $115.00 and subsequent appointments are billed at $90.00.  This is only if you decide not to utilize your insurance, have an insurance policy that requires you to meet an out of pocket deductible, or if I am not a provider in your insurance network.  The following is the list of insurance companies where I am a participating provider.
~Anthem ~Connecticare ~ Oxford ~ Aetna~ United Healthcare ~ Cigna~

Please call your insurance company to verify what your "behavioral health" copay is. 
At the time of service, if your insurance is active and I accept it, you will only be responsible for your copay.

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